Here at Home of Temptations (HOT Design) we have a heart for community and a desire to be involved & give back where we can.

Below are some of the works we have been involved in and some of the amazing businesses, causes and fellow Kiwis we have sponsored / donated to. If you'd like to network with us on upcoming community works, causes and events, email us at


 * Ray & Lee - Genuine kind hearted Kiwis, living in Wellington. Ray has been diagnosed with Myeloma (blood cancer) which has created a multitude of conditions including a rare Amyloid condition that has damaged his heart, causing congestive heart failure and is rapidly working through other organs in his body. Specialists are doing what they can to stem the condition with chemotherapy and manage his conditions enough to let Ray keep working, with Lee being immunocompromised with chronic fatigue and unable to work.

Ray pictured in better times, showing his goofy spirit :)

How can you help?  We encourage you to please share Ray & Lee’s Givealittle page with friends, family and businesses, both nationally and internationally. If you can, we also encourage you to please make a donation


 * Cancer Society New Zealand, through Walking Stars sponsorship. Helping raise vital funding for life-saving research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a disease that affects more than one in three people in New Zealand.

Home of Temptations Cancer Society

How can you help? The Cancer Society receives no direct government support and is entirely funded by people like you. Pop on over to their website and donate to make a difference or give in memory of a loved one.

"No one should face cancer alone…with Cancer Society here, they won’t have to."


 * ihc New Zealand - A New Zealand charity, advocating for the rights, inclusion and welfare of all people with intellectual disabilities. Also providing support for IHC children to help them live satisfying lives in the community.

                                       Home of Temptations (HOT Design) IHC New Zealand Donate

With two special needs family members, we have seen the tremendous good ihc New Zealand continues to do and we regularly donate to this worthy cause. 

How can you help? Head over to to make a donation.


 * Katie Rose Clausen - Emerging, young illustrator, based in Auckland. Diagnosed with Stage 3 Follicular Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, on Christmas Eve, 2015.

Katie Rose Clausen Give A Little Page 'Katie's Chemo Fund'

After six chemotherapy treatments, Katie fought back and all of the growths in her face, neck, chest and groin have disappeared. And the 11cm x 17cm growth in Katie's tummy has also decreased in size, with doctor's confirming no further active cancer cells. To continue to keep the cancer cells at bay and prolong Katie's life (as Follicular Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma tends to come back), Katie will soon undergo maintenance chemotherapy, every three months, for the next two years.

The downside is, the maintenance chemotherapy drug “Rituximab” is not government funded and due to this, it has to be administered in a private hospital, amounting to $45,000 over the next two years. That's a hefty amount for one Kiwi family.

To lend a hand and show support to an incredibly talented young illustrator, Home of Temptations have donated to Katie's Give A Little page:

How can you help? We encourage you to please share Katie's page with friends, family and businesses, both nationally and internationally. If you can, we also encourage you to please make a donation. As Katie says on her page "any little bit would help me and my family through this trying financial time and any little amount of money donated would be more than a blessing and half."

And in the words of Anne Frank: "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment, before starting to improve the world."


 * Uptown Business Association Rise & Dine Event.

It was an absolute pleasure for Home of Temptations to participate in and make a monetary donation to this worthy community & cause.

Home of Temptations - Uptown Business Association 'Rise & Dine'

Extract from "Six lucky tables of two, were lifted 9 metres into the night sky on decorated scissor lifts, to enjoy a three course meal prepared by the wonderful team at Gina's Italian Kitchen."

The Scissor lifts and equipment were donated by Hirepool, the car park location was donated by Wilson Carparking and students from AUT's 'Outside the Square' program, made the event happen. 

Throughout the event, media coverage was by SkyKiwi TV and Campbell Live, NZ.

The event was to boost awareness of the Uptown Business Association Community and to help save St. David's Presbyterian Church - which according to The New Zealand Herald "Is an 87 year old building whose foundation was laid on Anzac Day, 1927 as a memorial tribute to World War 1 soldiers. Described as a national treasure."

Home of Temptations - Uptown Business Association "Rise & Dine."  Home of Temptations - Uptown Business Association "Rise & Dine"